About Us

We are a startup that was born in a program of acceleration of companies in Coimbra, in April 2018. We have a base concept, the APP Revealer. An online platform that allows the presentation of photographs and the sale of them during an event, through an APP.
Our vision of the future is to provide four customer services. APP Revealer, an agency of photographers, a photography studio and also have a formative component for beginner photographers or even to complement knowledge.
We were present at Explorer Day in Burgos, Spain, where we reached the top 5 in the pitch contest. We will be in November at WebSummit to improve our knowledge and also to look for financing.

We hope 2019 will be our launch year. We want to take Revealer to the four quarters of the world.

Meet our Team

Cláudio Melanda

Founder | CEO


Mário Melanda

Architect | CFO


Bruno Lé

Photographer | CMO


+351 961 089 241

Coimbra, Portugal



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