About Us

Our Company

Revealer Company is a startup that was born in the program of acceleration of business ideas, Explorer University of Coimbra, in April of 2018.

It is based on Revealer. An online platform that allows the presentation of photographs and sale of them, during an event.


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the printing of photographs, in a simple and digital way.



What we have done since last year...

The Begining

1st, April 2018 Participation in the program of acceleration of business ideas Explorer University of Coimbra, a program supported by Santander Universities.

Another Conquer

27th, April 2018 Revealer wins the 5 place in 104 participants, in the contest "Este es mi pitch" organized by the Explorer Program.

Web Summit

5th to 8th, November 2018 Revealer in the 200 startups that represent Portugal at the Web Summit.

First Win

2nd, April 2018 Revealer is selected to represent the Explorer Space University of Coimbra in Burgos, Spain on Explorer Day.

Final Pitch

23rd, June 2018 End of Explorer program. Revealer is in the top 3 of the best business ideas.